Bucket Lists

Bucket List

This is a continuous list that I will update as I achieve and dream up new goals, and add to as I see fit. In no particular order:
Launch a YouTube channel
Thru Hike the Applacian Trail before I turn 30
Own a non-profit for kids with incarcerated parents
Own a plus-size clothing line
Perform live music at Harry’s in College Station
Create a podcast
Get engaged
Get married
Own land – with horses and chickens
Write a self-help book and get it published
Have something meaningful I created go viral in a good way
Go to VidCon
Visit all 50 US states by the time I am 50 years old
Build my own tiny home community
Build a van home and travel North America
Be a dog owner
Write in the cafe the J.K.Rowling wrote Harry Potter in
Go to burning man
Go to Coachella
Go on a meditation retreat
Learn to speak Spanish fluently

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