Bucket Lists, My Texas

My Texas Bucket List

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This is a bucket list through Texas based on the Josh Abbot song My Texas. Brice and I recently decided to start working through each of the items on this list. My goal is to update this list as we make it through each of these adventures.

  • Climb Enchanted Rock
  • Drink Shiner in Luckenbach
  • Take my baby to the River Walk
  • Float the Frio
  • Hear Red Dirt music on the radio
  • Eat at Cooper’s in Llano
  • Go to the Houston Rodeo
  • See an Abilene sunset
  • Sing “Carry On” at a Pat Green show
  • Catch a trout in Port A
  • Hear the words to Corpus Christi Bay
  • See Fireworks on PK
  • Eat kolache going through West
  • Go to the Lary Jo Taylor Fest
  • Never think polished pop-country crap sounds the best
  • Go to the Fort Worth Stock Show
  • Sing along to Cory Morrow
  • See a Hill Country Sunset
  • Hike Big Bend
  • Have hair blown back by the Lubbock wind
  • Go somewhere where they call you friend
  • Go to the San Antonio Rodeo
  • Sing “Everclear” at a Creager Show
  • See an El Paso sunset

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