Life Update: MOVING?!?!

Hello Readers,

I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I’d give a little update on my life. This past month has been really rough. Brice quit his job and started a new one. A close friend of mine lost his mom. I haven’t really been taking good care of my health, and my mental health hasn’t been great either. Luckily, it feels like better days are on the horizon.

My main focus as of lately is decluttering my life. Despite not posting in a while, I have a bunch of videos I have been working on surrounding this topic. Firstly, I am working on decluttering my home. Brice and I will actually be moving in December! Though I don’t know where we are going yet (which is 110% stressing me out), I figured I’d get a jump start on lighting our moving load.

Just for some background, I am a total sentimental packrat. I have notes, memories, and knick-knacks saved from all the way back to 2003. I have such a hard time letting go of these little forget-me-nots, even though the majority of it is just garbage. You’ll see what I mean because the first part of this decluttering series has been me going through all this memorabilia.

I haven’t ever seen anything like this on the internet, and I am not sure anyone will even want to see this. That does not matter to me. I am kind of creating this series as a way to commemorate these items, so I don’t feel as bad about getting rid of them. This more of a little way to remind me of these moments that I have held on to so long. If you are interested in hearing my life story as told through tiny pieces of paper, then stay tuned!

Hope to see you soon! Comment below if you are also a sentimental packrat!


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