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Please check out my friend Holly’s post about wedding planning!! It’s a pretty great read, if you are into that sort of thing (:

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One of the biggest days of my life is in almost exactly seven months: I’m getting married, and that’s honestly terrifying. I always figured I’d get married someday, but I never really imagined how I would feel when it actually happened. It’s a sigh of relief because I’ll never have to deal with the hectic rollercoaster of dating. It’s also very stressful.

In the nearly three months I have been engaged, I’m amazed at how much I have learned, not just about planning a wedding, but also about relationships in general. I’ve probably learned more in these past three months than in the past six years of on and off dating. It’s interesting how suddenly having a ring on your finger makes you think you’re some kind of relationship guru, despite how lousy your dating track record may be.

Below are ten of the things I learned in the early…

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