Y’all… I did it. The thing I have been talking about basically since the fruition of this blog. I moved to the big city, the “big D,” if you will. DALLAS!

While I am enjoying the challenges of my jobs and getting to experience new places and people, if you have kept up with my previous posts you know that this was not my goal in moving. I’ve been a little discouraged because I didn’t immediately jump into my creative endeavors like I hoped I would. Luckily, I have compassion for myself.

I needed the time to adjust: to get used to a new routine, a new job, a new home. Time and a few self-help books later, and I am on fire again for my dreams. I am waking up early again to eat breakfast and work on my vlogs. I am refocusing my energy back on my passions

I am back, and ready to start sharing my life with you again through this tour into the new life I am creating for myself in Dallas. My dream does not have an expiration date, and neither does yours.
Be on the lookout for more content to come! I have been stockpiling footage over this hiatus, and I am so excited to share it with the internet.

Thanks for reading!



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