I needed to get this off my chest…

TRIGGER WARNING: mention of mental health and eating disorders, body comparison

If you are struggling with an active eating disorder, please seek professional help immediately. You can search here for referrals and resources:


Body Positive Resources that have helped me:……

And dozens of fat Insta babes that are too numerous to count!


Song Credits: Carry On by Derek Clegg

Icon Image: Sarah Beth Photography


2 thoughts on “I needed to get this off my chest…”

  1. I was totally oblivious of all these feelings y’all felt throughout the weekend😭

    But in all seriousness, you really are an inspiration. Although I’d say I never have had any sort of eating disorder, I’ve had body image issues pretty much my entire life. And it sucks. I appreciate you so much and the message you have to share💕


    1. Dont feel bad about this at all! I think as women we have just normalized talking about ourselves this way. We dont even realize we are doing it. Its definitely not something that marred my experience at all. I had a blast!!! It just played into what has been on my heart for a while. ❤

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