Unconventional Self Care Vlog!

I am really excited to share with you some of the less conventional ways I have been taking care of myself. If you read my article, you know that I was in a bit of a funk not too long ago. Once I got the rest I needed, I decided to get back into some self-care routines and activities, including getting my hair done, meditating, and pursuing my purpose. I hope you enjoy! Please leave some ways you self-care in the comments below!!

Go read my vocal article! If you think you want to write for vocal, learn more here. (They didn’t ask me to share that! I just love writing for them!). Also, make sure you are following me on all my socials: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest!

Disclaimer: If you are struggling with an active eating disorder, please seek professional help immediately. You can search here for referrals and resources:


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