i’m attending Vidcon

I know I am no Tana Mongeau with this announcement, but I am going to pretend I am. The past couple of years, I have been dabbling in the law of attraction. I first heard about this term from YouTubers like Supreme Banana, Lauren Toyota, and Kalyn Nicholson. Only recently have I delved more into the actual literature around this topic. According to LOA, “the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.” What I am getting at here is that I am trying to Law of Attraction myself to Vidcon this year.

Every now and then, I get a wild hair to go on a spontaneous, solo trip somewhere. I’ll look up flight and Airbnb info, and create a whole itinerary of things for me to do on this imaginary trip. Then I remember what my bank account looks like, and the dream remains a dream. That is how the idea to go to Vidcon started, only this time I decided to let the dream become a reality. I was going to manifest the money I needed for this trip using Law of Attraction techniques, and then find a way to make the money appear.

That is what brings us here. One of the ways I am manifesting money into my life is by selling my belongings. I know this sounds wacko, but this is something I do regularly to try and make extra cash on the side. Only I haven’t been putting that much effort into it. I have a lot of items that I haven’t even posted that have just been sitting in my studio. This month I am going to give my all to this side gig to help raise money for my trip. You can support me by purchasing items from my Poshmark: @katebythelbs. Items range from women’s XL-3XL and 18-22. I am also planning to work for Postmates on the weekends and am trying to write more for Vocal this month. You can support me on vocal by adding to my tip jar.

This how I want to raise these funds because I don’t want this trip to set back any of my other savings goals. Also, I want to prove to myself how badly I want to do this YouTube thing. Going to Vidcon for me is about more than just going on a trip. It’s about pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, and into this what I so desperately want to do and the person I want to become. Vidcon also happens to fall on the 1 year anniversary of starting my youtube channel. I feel like this is a sign that pursuing this is the right thing to do. The only thing that can stop me is me.

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