Thanks, Dad!


I am currently the age my Dad was when he had me. That fact never ceases to amaze and make me appreciate all the sacrifices my parents made for me. I can barely keep a plant alive much less a whole human. I am so thankful that God gave me the Dad that I have. My dad does not fit the stereotypical father-figure mold. As a child, this was totally embarrassing, but it’s one of the things I appreciate the most about him now. His insatiable desire for nonsense is one of the most fun aspects of being around him.

My dad is much more than the chaos and laughter that surround him, though. He is one of the most driven and hardworking people you will ever meet. His entrepreneurial spirit is something I hope to foster in myself, as I pursue my dreams. There is a picture that was floating around Facebook on Father’s Day that read:

Image may contain: ocean, text and outdoor

Much like many of those who posted this image, there are too many lessons to count, but here is one of the most important: Find what you love and then figure out a way to get people to pay you to do. My dad has owned his own business as long as I remember. Over my lifetime, I’ve watched him go from a successful business, to complete failure, and then rebuild a completely new business from the bottom up. He moved forward, he made new connections, he learned, and continues to learn in an ever-evolving industry. His story is the embodiment of the Who Moved My Cheese Story.  Watching my dad through this journey has empowered me to not settle, but work smart towards my goals.

As I grow older, I begin to appreciate my parents more and more. I am thankful for all the life lessons my Dad has given me like honesty, hard work, how to drive, how to budget, how to add way too much garlic to everything I cook, and so much more. Mostly I am so thankful that I still have more memories to make with my dad. It is a gift I have learned I should not take for granted. Thank you, Dad! I love you!


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