My Vidcon 2019 Experience

As you may know, I went to Vidcon this year. It was such an exciting, surreal experience that it is hard for me to put into words how I felt, but I am going to try. First, I was amazed at my ability to even make this trip happen. I put more effort into my side gigs, and I made some sacrifices to make what I could only dream about happen. Because I couldn’t take time off from work, I flew into LAX at around midnight and flew back Sunday morning. I stayed in a hostel with a bunch of strangers (two of which I shared a small room) to cut back on expenses. I barely slept. AND, it was so worth it. 

In the week since this trip, I’ve been sort of soaking everything in. It wasn’t just getting to see the creators I enjoyed watching. I also got to be inspired by what they were doing with their platforms like creating communities and giving back. It reminded me why I want to do all of this. I think for a while I’ve started to get caught up in wanting to grow my numbers. While this is important, I don’t think it should be the end goal. It shouldn’t be what I use to evaluate my success. It’s more important to be helping people with what I have to say and to create things that are enjoyable and meaningful to me. 

Of course, one of the biggest moments of the weekend was getting to see the creator that has inspired me to start all of this, Gabbie Hanna. Not only did I get to see her perform her entire EP live, but I also got to meet her out behind the stage. One day, I will get to actually meet her, but this opportunity alone is not one to be taken for granted. I feel like not everyone gets why I am so inspired by Gabbie. Also, maybe it is a little weird for a full-grown adult to fangirl over a person like this. Something about her story/vibe just reminds me of my own. On top of that, she has achieved everything I want to achieve: Youtuber, New York Times Best Selling Author, Singer/Songwriter. It has always inspired me to go after it all. 

I am still trying to figure it out. I don’t have all the best equipment/software. I am not a magnificent editor. I am not very consistent in posting content. But I am working on it. I am continuing to grow and learn. I am working on myself so that I can show up better for the community I am trying to build. Going to Vidcon was a way to prove to myself how bad I wanted it. It helped me to shift my focus. I have lots of ideas for new content coming up that I can’t wait to share with you. Thank you for being here for me, as I go on this journey.

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