Plus Size Clothing Haul -TORRID

Finding clothes is so hard sometimes, especially if you are plus-sized. I am so thankful for companies like Torrid that carry clothes that fit my body and my style, even though my style is hobo-chic like 90% of the time. Having clothes that I like and make me feel like myself has been a huge part of my recovery from diet culture. For a long time, I felt I had to earn the right to have clothes that I loved through thinness. Allowing myself to indulge in fashion and find clothes that make me feel at home in my body has done wonders for my mental health and body acceptance.

This may seem vapid, and this is by no means the only thing that has helped me. I am very open with my experience with therapy and self-help media. Treating ourselves to things we enjoy and make us feel good can go a long way. Allowing myself the space to do this has helped me to accept that I deserve to indulge in things that bring me joy. I also understand that this is a huge privilege. Only recently have I achieved the financial ability to treat myself in this way. Plus-Size options can be expensive. On top of this, I know that there are folks out there who don’t have the same access to plus-size clothing that I do, or that maybe can’t find items in their size, even in the plus-size section. There are also far fewer options for masculine plus-size clothing.

I know this video was meant to be more light-hearted, but it didn’t feel right to not acknowledge my privilege here. If you fall into the categories above, there are still low and no-cost things you can do to pamper or treat yourself, because you deserve this too. Some examples include engaging in joyful movement, facemasks, wine, music, coloring, chicken nuggets, and much more. It’s really up to you. These are honestly just some that resonate with me. There are also resale companies like Poshmark that stock plus-size options at cheaper prices, as well, if clothing is really your thing like it is mine (you can find my Poshmark Shop here). The other good thing is that extended size clothing options are growing overall, as this problem is brought to the forefront. That is why I am thankful for Torrid, who has been working towards this since before it was cool, and the many other companies that are doing similar work. All people deserve to find clothes that make them feel at home in their bodies.

**Disclaimer: This is NOT sponsored. This is NOT an Ad. No one is paying me to say this. Why would anyone sponsor me? I have like 20 followers. I really just stan Torrid this hard**

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