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My New Year’s Resolutions

As you probably already noticed, I am a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. While I believe that you can pursue a new goal or challenge at any time throughout the year, I enjoy the collectiveness of New Years Resolutions. Over this past year, I have found that writing these resolutions or goals down can have a profound impact on your ability to keep them. It’s also really helpful to be able to look back on what you have written and then see how far you have come. SO that is what we’re doing for this post. Before I get too deep into it though, I mentioned in my last post that I feel I didn’t completely meet my “self-care” goals for 2019. I think part of that was that I wasn’t super specific about what that meant to me, or what I would actually do to meet that goal. This year I feel I have figured out what specific things of value that are self-care for me, and I have made these each their own resolution instead of wrapping it all up into one vague category. I think this will help me in actually completing these resolutions. So without further ado, here are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2020!


Save Money

This is another resolution from 2019 that will be carrying over into 2020. Jordan Page, from Fun Cheap or Free, recommends putting 20% of your income into savings, so that is what my goal is this year. I am in a very privileged position. I am young. I don’t have any debt, and I don’t have kids, a mortgage, or a car payment to take care of. I recognize that building savings now is one of the smartest things I can do, and I am very grateful to be able to do that. Not to mention, Brice and I have big plans for this year (which I will discuss later in this post), and frankly for our future (i.e. build our own tiny house). On top of all this, I am a catastrophizer, so having a solid emergency fund will help me to feel at ease. Since I am being very specific about my savings goals and my reason for saving, I will have a better metric by which to evaluate this resolution next year.

Healing my relationship with movement

In 2019, I made big strides and healing my relationship with food. This year I’d really like to heal my relationship with movement. In the height of my eating disorder, moving my body was a form of punishment for daring to eat. It was a moralistic ritual that I had to complete to be a good and beautiful person. This year, I took a year off from trying any type of exercise. I did some yoga and stretching every now and then when I felt I needed it, but in general, my focus just on other things this year. My goal now is to start moving my body for the joy of it. When we are kids, we move our bodies all the time as play, but as adults, we seem to lose that. I want to get back to that sense play. I want to start moving for fun again. I am not looking to exercise or join a gym. I don’t want to make this resolution a chore, and I want to start very small. I don’t want to do this to get back to some moralized sense of “health.” I just want to feel good moving in my body.

Wake Up Earlier/Get more sleep

Sleep is a form of self-care that I really struggle with. I am the kind of person who needs a lot of sleep, and I don’t always honor that. Even as I am writing this I am utterly exhausted, because I went to bed at 1:30 am and then tried to get up at 7 am. Keeping a sleep schedule is something I really want to work on in 2020. This means sticking to my nighttime routine as much as possible. I know that my mental health and motivation will be better if I do. On top of this, I’d really like to wake-up earlier. I am the kind of person who sleeps until the last possible moment (sometimes even later). I know that I am snooze queen so I turned the snooze off of my phone alarm, but then I started setting and resetting timers. I know that waking up this way doesn’t make me feel productive or motivated. I know that I really enjoy having some peaceful time to myself in the morning. Making time for that will be something I work on in 2020.

Reconnect with my spirituality/faith

Spirituality/faith is something that is very important to me, but I haven’t prioritized it as much as I’d like to. I am first and foremost a Christian, and I know that spending time with God helps me to feel more aligned and at peace. I feel joy when I worship them and make time to do things that bring us closer together. When I first moved to Dallas, I found a church that I really liked, but I just stopped going. I’ve had good and bad experiences with churches in the past, but sometimes I allow my bad experiences to overwhelm me. I allow the anxiety and fear of apathy, shame, and not belonging to keep me from even showing up. I don’t want to give these feelings power over me anymore. I know that I am a better version of myself when I allow space for spiritual connection in my life. I have also found some non-traditional forms of worship that help me to feel closer to God, as well. I plan on pursuing those further in 2020 as well.

Read/listen to 1 book a month

Growing up I loved to read. I used to be really into young adult and vampire romance novels and of course Harry Potter. This year I got back into reading, as I threw myself into the world of self-help books! This obsession was also assisted by getting an audible subscription, so this resolution is kind of something I am already doing. My goal for 2020, though, is to be more intentional with this because this is something I enjoy doing that isn’t just sitting on the couch watching Tik Toks, though I do plan on doing a lot of that in 2020 as well. Reading just makes me feel good, whether or not its self-help or educational.

Make $100 in WordPress Ad Revenue; get 1,000 followers on YouTube

Creating content this year especially this past 3 months with End With A BANG and Vlogmas has given me a whole new sense of purpose. I love doing this. So OF COURSE, I am going to continue to make content in 2020. I enjoy making things whether or not people see, but as I have mentioned before, I want to make this my career someday. So why this goal specifically? For WordPress, $100 is the minimum you can withdraw from their ad revenue program. For Youtube, reaching 1,000 followers is the number you need to join the YouTube Partner Program, which will allow me to start earning ad revenue on my videos. These are the first milestones I need to achieve in order to reach my goal of being a full-time content creator. Putting these on my resolution list makes me a bit nervous because I am nowhere near that level of growth on either platform, but why not aim for the moon? Even if I don’t achieve this goal in 2020, it’s not going to stop me from chasing this dream. So why not see what all I can do?


I have come to find out that I basically have to travel in order to stay sane. Regularly breaking the routine and getting out of town is an absolute necessity for me, even if it is just a weekend trip. In 2020, though, Brice and I have planned to go on TWO big trips this year. First, we will be going to South Carolina over the 4th of July to visit our friend Andy. Neither of us has ever spent any significant amount of time in South Carolina, and Brice has never even been on a plane before. We are very excited, and I can’t wait to be one state closer to my goal of visiting all 50 US states by the time I am 50. Then in November, we plan on taking some time off to visit Big Bend for our 4 year anniversary! This will be Brice’s first time visiting a National Park! We plan on staying in a cabin and taking an overnight backpacking trail while we are there. There will probably be smaller travel opportunities between those trips as well, but we’ll take those opportunities as they come up. All in all, we have a lot to look forward to this year.

In 2019, my word of the year was “HEAL” and I definitely feel like I accomplished that this year. In 2020, my word is “GROWTH.” I plan on being extremely committed this year to my personal, spiritual, and professional growth. This word also represents my intention to grow this community both on YouTube and on this blog. I don’t just want this growth to make this my job, though that is the big goal I am working on right now. I believe my message is important, and that by sharing my life and story I can help others like me feel less alone and more empowered to chase their dreams. I want the whole world to know: Your life doesn’t start when you lose the “right” amount of weight, or achieve a certain “look”, or even reach some sort of idealized version of “health”. It doesn’t even start on January 1st. Your life is happening today, and the possibilities of what you can do with that are endless.

Lastly, something different I want to try this year is focusing on one behavior each month that will help me to achieve the resolutions I have set. I think focusing on one thing will help me to be more successful than trying to do everything at once. I have already picked a behavior/challenge for each month, but I want to give myself room to adjust what I have laid out throughout the year. I will, however, be sharing my journey in trying this method, and my success or failure in keeping with these monthly goals. My brain is already churning with content ideas for 2020. I am looking forward to sharing another year with anyone who is reading. Thank you for your support and for being a part of this journey with me.

And now, I pass it off to you! What are your New Years Resolutions? Do you have a word of the year? How do you plan on staying on track of going after what you want? Leave a comment down below, or feel free to link to a blog post answering these questions.