Things have not gone as planned.

img_20200104_233600_1948669011858232076764.jpg2020 has had a bit of a rocky start. I ended 2019 on such a high note after successfully completing Vlogmas and unsuccessfully completing End With a BANG. I was feeling very inspired to jump to new content for the New Year. One of the Christmas gifts I received was a newer, fast, better hard-drive which would help to create content more efficiently. Unfortunately, we have run into some issues transferring over my data into this new hard drive, as we have found my old drive contained some errors (whatever that means). Therefore, my laptop is out of commission for the foreseeable future. Yes, that means I am typing this on either my work computer or my cell phone, so bear with me.

2020 has also been riddled with many other small, unplanned circumstances, such as haircut that is much shorter than I anticipated and routines that have gotten thrown out of wack. I am beginning to think this is going to be a theme for 2020. As I mentioned in my post about my New Year’s Resolutions, my plan was to choose a theme to focus on each month that would help me to slowly work towards my goals. My theme for January was just to get back into and stick to my routines. Six days into this New Year and I can say I have totally failed at this. This is due partly to the fact that my routine focused heavily around creating things for this blog and vlog, and my ability to do that has been taken away from me. I can still write and I can still film, but it’s hard to stay motivated, especially with filming when I know I won’t be able to edit and post it right away. It’s really hard to go from the immediate gratification of Vlogmas to being unsure when I will be able to post next.

This, however, will not stop me from moving forward. This is not the first time my laptop has been out of commission. In fact, I had a similar situation when I first started my YouTube channel. It’s especially difficult when you are first starting out to go through something like this, but I decided then that no roadblock would ever stop me from chasing this dream. I chose to view any challenge I faced as a checkpoint to prove how badly I wanted my writing and vlogging to become my career. I didn’t let it stop me then, and it’s not going to stop me now. I still want this just as badly, if not more. I have it taped to my bathroom mirror and I read that affirmation as I brush my teeth at night: I support myself financially with my writing and vlogging.

I am not going to give up on my January goal either. I just have to stick to new routines that focus on what I am able to do right now. Brice and I are going to be moving soon to a new place here in Dallas, though we are unsure exactly where. As soon as we move, we are planning on adopting a dog, which we have been talking about doing for over a year now. We’ve already started the search because I know to find the perfect pupper will take time. There is a lot that is going to be changing in the next few months. If I can really nail down my routines, it will give me a solid foundation to fall back on amidst the chaos. That is why it’s important for me to try to stick through this.

All this aside, I wanted to announce a couple of new things I am planning on doing with my content. First, if you enjoyed Vlogmas, I am going to continue to do a shorter more simplified version of that in my Instagram stories. So follow me on Instagram for more of that, and also to stay notified on when I am posting on either the blog or the vlog. Secondly, I want to start doing shout outs in my videos. I don’t have the followers to do random shout outs, but what I’d really like to do is shout out other creators who are doing creative things so we both can work on expanding out platforms/reach. If you are my friend I will probably shout you out anyways to get the ball rolling with this, but anyone who is interested in me shouting out their work can DM me on Instagram.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting and viewing my content. You are all rockstars, and I can’t wait to see what other unexpected things 2020 brings us. Peace! ✌