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Running Away to the Desert | Our birthday/anniversary adventure.

Journal Entry November 7th, 2020:

I am currently looking out at the vast desert of Terlingua, TX. Despite all the uncertainty and fear in the world and in my life, I feel incredibly blessed. I am writing this from a handmade, wooden table in the most perfect little cabin. It’s the type of cabin I hope Brice and I can live in full-time someday. Everything is beautiful, cherry wood, and the beds have warm, colorful southwest blankets. All of the cabinets have little brass stars on the handle, and I absolutely adore them. When I look out my window, there are stunning, red mountains turned purple by the large expanse of the desert between us. Dozens of different kinds of cacti checker the land. My favorite is the purple prickly pear because of course! She is purple and so cute! 

Today Brice and I are celebrating 4 years together and I am looking forward to many more. He is so supportive and caring. He is my best friend. We’ve spent the past few days in Big Bend National Park, the first of many (or all) that we plan to visit together. This trip has shown me that we have a long way to go before we are ready to go on our year-long adventure traveling all of the national parks. Neither of us had the strength or stamina to hike as much as we wanted to due in part to having a cold before we left. 

However, I also have the undeniable feeling that the adventure we’ve been dreaming of is inevitable. I just have this unrelenting tug in my soul that I am supposed to be here and suppose to go on this journey. In addition, we’ve consistently seen so many butterflies on this trip, like a weirdly large amount. I feel like that combined with all the random synchronicities I have been experiencing leading up to this trip is a sign. I feel like this goal needs to be recentered at the forefront of everything I am working on. I think God is telling me to slow down and remember what I am really working towards. 

Also, I turned 25 on this trip, which is kind of a big milestone!

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