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Brice and I on top of Enchanted Rock, shortly after he proposed.

You read that right! Brice and I are officially engaged! Affianced! Betrothed! He proposed on New Year’s day, but things have been a little busy so it’s taken me a while to get all of this up. That being said, I thought it would be nice and fun to round out the vlog with a little blog post about our love story.

Brice doesn’t remember this, but we actually met virtually on a non-dating social media app my freshman year of college. We texted for a few days and he sent me some of his singing videos (which are no longer on YouTube), but it wasn’t the right time for us and we never ended up meeting in person. Flash forward to the fall semester of my senior year of college. I had just recently broken things off with my long-term boyfriend, and was on Tinder but wasn’t looking for anything serious. That is when I came across Brice’s profile and recognized him, so I swiped right. He didn’t remember me, but we talked and decided to meet in person. I wasn’t really looking for anything serious since I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship, so naturally the first night we hung out I made him tell me his entire life story (a real Scorpio move).

Brice and I at an Aggie Football Game.

We decided to hang out again shortly after this, which just so happened to be the night he was celebrating his birthday. After meeting some of his friends, we decided to go for a drive in his two-tone 1988 Ford F-150 with a giant hole in the driver-side floorboard and a broken gas gauge, but I knew that I was really starting to fall for him when we parked by an old pump jack in a nearby cotton field to look at the stars. Brice played country music and we slow danced underneath the gleam of the universe above us. It was so romantic, like out of a movie. Brice knew he falling for me just before this moment. He had pulled off under a bridge so we could chat by the Brazos River that flowed underneath. While there he let out one of his classic, earth-shattering farts. We promptly drove away, and Brice lost his hubcap. He says that the fact his fart did not scare me away is how he knew I was the one. -_-

Brice and I at the entrance of Possum Kingdom State Park.

Over the next few weeks, we bonded over our shared love of music and singing, playing lots of Phase 10, and our big dreams for the future. I still wasn’t sure if I was ready to step into a new relationship yet, but one day when I was praying to God about it I got a vision. Growing up whenever I was going through a break-up, dealing with romantic rejection, or just wishing to be in a relationship God would send me a vision of Jesus and me dancing together in a ballroom, and it would bring me peace and reassurance that someday I would find love. That day when I was praying about starting a new relationship with Brice, God gave me the vision of Jesus handing off the dance to Brice. In that moment, I knew this wasn’t just a person I wanted to be with but the person God wanted me to be with.

Brice and I at Hurricane Harry’s on my 21st Birthday, the night we both said, “I love you,” for the first time.

Shortly after this, we went to Hurricane Harry’s to celebrate my birthday with some friends. I turned 21 at midnight and was introduced to the magical world of tequila shots. Once I was comfortably but not overly inebriated, I told Brice that I loved him. Unbeknownst to me, earlier that night he told one of his friends that was there that he was falling in love with me. So technically, who said it first? After I told him that I loved him, he of course said he loved me too. Three days later, he took me to a nearby park and as we sat under a large oak tree he sang a song he had written about me. Then he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I of course said yes! The rest is history!

Brice and I at Dinosaur Valley State Park on our 3rd dating Anniversary Trip.

Brice and I have shared some of the most wonderful and some of the most difficult times in our lives. Traveling, seeing our friends get married, spending time with family, lots of warm sunny days at the pool, and watching our dreams grow and evolve as we grow and evolve. Losing his dad, my Papa Nohow, Mimi, and several others. Brice saw me through the culmination of my eating disorder and subsequent recovery, and through all of my mental health struggles. There’s been lost jobs, tight budgets, and so much moving around. I’m so grateful to have a life partner like Brice to tackle all of this with. There is no other person I would rather be with.

Brice and I at our 4 year Anniversary Trip at Big Bend National Park.

So obviously, when he got down on one knee atop that windy Enchanted Rock, I said YES! Part of what makes Brice and I great pair is that we are both dreamers, and we allow ourselves to grow and dream together without stifling ourselves or saying, “That dream is too big.” I cannot wait to see what adventures God has in store for us next! Also, I cannot wait to start planning our wedding! To anyone who is asking, no we do not have a date yet, but we are looking at Fall 2022 potentially. Nothing is set in stone, but we have lots of ideas. Until then, enjoy this video of our trip that lead up to our engagement:

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