Camping Vlog | Dinosaur Valley State Park

Brice and I like to travel somewhere every year to celebrate our anniversary. We both have serious travel bugs, and we love an opportunity that forces us to chase that need. This year we decide to go camping at Dinosaur Valley State Park, and we had so much fun. It is always so nice to… Continue reading Camping Vlog | Dinosaur Valley State Park


Brice’s Super Soft Birthday

New Vlog Up! We threw Brice a Super Soft Birthday (based on Letterkenny)! Fair warning, this is probably a PG13 video. Lots of Letterkenny, King of the Hill, and Vine references. Comment “Happy Birthday Brice” if you think we are ridiculous. Please enjoy this randomness! References are down below. Intro/outro song: What is a… Continue reading Brice’s Super Soft Birthday

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I have an announcement.

Last year I participated in a challenge called Last 90 Days, created by Rachel Hollis. The idea behind this challenge is to live life in the last 90 days of the year as intentionally as we tend to live in the first 90 days. This means that you start your year further along than you… Continue reading I have an announcement.