Creating a Roadmap to Your Goals

Last week we talked about clarifying your goals. If you followed along with the exercise I mentioned, you should have identified that one goal that if it came true, you would undeniably achieve the version of your best self you envision 10 years from now. This week we are going to talk about creating a… Continue reading Creating a Roadmap to Your Goals


Clarifying your Goals

Goals are powerful tools. They give us purpose and hope. They propel us towards becoming the person we want to be. If you are reading this or have joined the BANG challenge, I am going to assume it’s because you have some goals you are wanting to achieve. They may be clearly defined, or they… Continue reading Clarifying your Goals


Brice’s Super Soft Birthday

New Vlog Up! We threw Brice a Super Soft Birthday (based on Letterkenny)! Fair warning, this is probably a PG13 video. Lots of Letterkenny, King of the Hill, and Vine references. Comment “Happy Birthday Brice” if you think we are ridiculous. Please enjoy this randomness! References are down below. Intro/outro song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7BUG... What is a… Continue reading Brice’s Super Soft Birthday


How to Love Your Body

Happy Motivation Monday/Tuesday!  This week’s topic is how to love your body. Body Love is one of the main four tenants of End With a BANG. I know I have mentioned this before, but I can not stress this enough: you do not have to love your body to show your body love. For some, especially… Continue reading How to Love Your Body