Clarifying your Goals

Goals are powerful tools. They give us purpose and hope. They propel us towards becoming the person we want to be. If you are reading this or have joined the BANG challenge, I am going to assume it’s because you have some goals you are wanting to achieve. They may be clearly defined, or they… Continue reading Clarifying your Goals


10 Cooking Tips From a Very Amateur Cook

"Something I don’t talk about very often is my love for cooking. I enjoy cooking because I get to try new things. Cooking allows me to create in a whole new way and comes with the awesome byproduct of getting to eat something delicious. Cooking for each other is a way for humans to express… Continue reading 10 Cooking Tips From a Very Amateur Cook



Y’all… I did it. The thing I have been talking about basically since the fruition of this blog. I moved to the big city, the “big D,” if you will. DALLAS! While I am enjoying the challenges of my jobs and getting to experience new places and people, if you have kept up with my… Continue reading MOVING TO DALLAS VLOG!!!!


No one likes you when you’re 23

It’s not your job to live someone else’s dream. Last weekend I turned 23. For some reason, this particular birthday felt different than any other birthday. I think that it’s possibly because it’s the first birthday that I feel like a “real” adult. Last weekend instead of hanging out with a bunch of friends and… Continue reading No one likes you when you’re 23


Renewed Passion for Writing

I published another article! I love doing this. I am so excited about writing right now, and I haven't felt this way in a long time. I feel like my experience with vocal is renewing my passion for writing. https://motivation.media/promises-to-myself-i-will-quit-breaking-before-2019 This post is all about finding motivation for the end of 2018. It all surrounds… Continue reading Renewed Passion for Writing