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Finding Your Support System

Welcome to your second Monday Motivation! To be honest, after posting my first Monday Motivation, I wasn't feeling very motivated. I spent a lot of last week catching up on some much-needed rest, and it paid off! I am feeling fresh and motivated as ever! Enough about rest though, this week's topic is Support Systems. If… Continue reading Finding Your Support System

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Hello Everyone! Thank you for joining me on this journey! This is your first Monday Motivation! I wanted to take this to talk a little bit more about why I chose to create this challenge. For starters, I love personal growth, both for myself and others. After college, I felt really inspired to make a… Continue reading Why BANG?


Reacting to 2WAYMIRROR by Gabbie Hanna!!

I can’t believe in just two short weeks I will be in CALIFORNIA watching Gabbie Hanna LIVE on stage at Vidcon!!! She has been a huge inspiration for me, and I can’t wait to see all she does next. You can support me going on this trip by checking out my latest Vocal Article, and… Continue reading Reacting to 2WAYMIRROR by Gabbie Hanna!!