Life Update 9.5.19

When I started my channel, I knew I didn’t want this to just be a highlight reel of my life. I wanted this to be honest, genuine space for me to share all parts of my life with world to help others to feel they have the space to feel what they need to feel,… Continue reading Life Update 9.5.19

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Fireworks on PK Part 1

Finally posting again! Sorry, I took a short hiatus. Click here to learn why: In this video, Brice and I embark on our journey to create and complete the My Texas Bucket List inspired by the Josh Abbot song My Texas. Things don’t quite go as planned, but we had a lot of fun. There is… Continue reading Fireworks on PK Part 1


We. Are. LIVE!!

I have finally posted my first couple videos on my YouTube channel, and I am so pumped! Making content makes me so happy!! I don't even care if no one ever sees this. I am just proud of my self for putting this content out there! To hear more about my videos, and get a… Continue reading We. Are. LIVE!!