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Brice and I on top of Enchanted Rock, shortly after he proposed. You read that right! Brice and I are officially engaged! Affianced! Betrothed! He proposed on New Year's day, but things have been a little busy so it's taken me a while to get all of this up. That being said, I thought it… Continue reading ENGAGEMENT VLOG! | Our Love Story

Blog, My Texas

Running Away to the Desert | Our birthday/anniversary adventure. Journal Entry November 7th, 2020: I am currently looking out at the vast desert of Terlingua, TX. Despite all the uncertainty and fear in the world and in my life, I feel incredibly blessed. I am writing this from a handmade, wooden table in the most perfect little cabin. It’s the type of cabin… Continue reading Running Away to the Desert | Our birthday/anniversary adventure.


“30 Day” Song Challenge

Let's face it. I am far too ADHD to keep something like this going for a full 30 days. So I just hyper fixated and did it all at once (and then forgot about it for a month until I finally finished it)! And yes I am putting this on my blog because I spent… Continue reading “30 Day” Song Challenge