My Vidcon 2019 Experience

As you may know, I went to Vidcon this year. It was such an exciting, surreal experience that it is hard for me to put into words how I felt, but I am going to try. First, I was amazed at my ability to even make this trip happen. I put more effort into my… Continue reading My Vidcon 2019 Experience


Body Positivity Update

The pictures from Holly's Wedding came in, and they are absolutely amazing. I especially like them, because I feel like they represent just how far I have come. A year ago, I would have hated these images. Today, I can fully enjoy them in all their beauty. What I love about wedding photos like these specifically… Continue reading Body Positivity Update

Bucket Lists

Bucket List

 This is a continuous list that I will update as I achieve and dream up new goals, and add to as I see fit. In no particular order: Launch a YouTube channel Thru Hike the Applacian Trail before I turn 30 Own a non-profit for kids with incarcerated parents Own a plus-size clothing line… Continue reading Bucket List